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Guangzhou Histar Water Park Equipment Co. Ltd was founded in 2016. Before that, Mr. Liu, the founder of our team had been engaged in the Chinese domestic amusement equipment business for a long period. An accidental opportunity in the previous business Mr. Liu found a gap in the children’s commercial splash pad equipment market, which is the background of Histar’s establishment. As the earliest splash pad company to focus on parent-child interactive splash pad equipment manufacturing in the south region of China, Histar is an enterprise that integrates parent-child characteristic theme play and comprehensively covers R&D design, construction, operation, resource integration, etc. After several years of development, Histar has been a seasoned splash pad company to provide mature water park solutions for our customers and helps them achieve profound business goals.

splash pad company

Our Factory

Welcome to our state-of-the-art water park factory, where dreams of aquatic wonder come to life. Now, our factory covers an area of 37000 square meters. At our facility, we combine expertise, precision engineering and a commitment to excellence to create some of the most exciting and engaging water park attractions in the industry. At the same time, we are also the first water park equipment company in China to use 304 stainless steel and FRP as the main materials of equipment. From towering water slides to enchanting interactive splash areas, our factory is a hub of innovation and creativity. With a team of skilled designers, engineers and craftsmen, we push the boundaries of imagination to deliver unforgettable experiences to water park lovers around the world.

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Design Team

It is very necessary for our water splash pad park design team to fully understand the limitations and advantages of the site. Based on this, professional design considerations can be carried out. We comprehensively consider factors such as geographical environment, park operation, park services, public facilities, and flow paths.

Our designers will adapt measures to local conditions, carefully arrange the attractions and facilities of the water splash park, and combine the routes and field of vision of tourists in the park, so that tourists can find corresponding facilities when they need it, so as to ensure the maximum revenue generation opportunities for operations.

The most important thing in splash pad designs is the visitor experience. We hope to create a sense of surprise when entering the park; hope that visitors will be immersed in this world full of infinite fun, wonder and excitement; and hope that tourists of different ages will leave unforgettable memories here.

Throughout the design process, ensuring the safety of visitors is a top priority.

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Design Director

Steven Yu

Planning Director

Lily Tsai

Technical Director

Alex Liao

R & D Director

Pieter Wu

Engineering Directo

Lucy Huang

QA Directo

Leo Zhang


Planning Your Play Space

The Big 5 is the largest and most influential portfolio of construction events across the Middle East and Africa, attracting over 100,000 participants, helping industry professionals excel with their projects, and be ready for this new and very different era. Histar attends BIG FIVE to showcase our