Big Bottle Blow Molding Machine

The large bottle blow molding machine is an efficient, speedy, and convenient solution for producing a wide variety of bottles under 20 liters. With its versatile capabilities, it can create bottles for various industries, including food packaging, edible oil, soda and mineral water, fruit juice, wine, cosmetics, and more. Whether you need a high volume of bottles or a customized design, this machine can meet your production needs with ease.

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Technical Parameter

Model BS5-2 BS-10L-2 BS-20L-1 BS-20L-2
Cavity Pitch Variable Variable Variable Variable
Cavity Quantity 2 2 1 2
Max Bottle Volume 5L 12L 20L 20L
Neck Size 60mm 80mm 80mm 80mm
Max Bottle Diameter 200mm 210mm 290mm 290mm
Max Bottle Height 350mm 430mm 480mm 480mm
Max Heating Power 66KW 70KW 53KW 80KW
Install Power 68KW 74KW 55KW 86KW
Blowing Pressure 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa 2.5-4.0Mpa
Main Machine Dimension 3.5*2.2*2.4m 5.0*1.8*2.0mm 3.7*1.5*2.1m 5.0*1.8*2.1m
Preform Unscrambler Dimension 1.1*0.8*2.8m 1.4*0.8*2.5m 1.4*0.8*2.5m 1.4*0.8*2.5m
Auto Loader DImension 1.16*2.4*2.83m 1.5*3.0*3.5m 1.5*3.0*3.5m 1.5*3.0*3.5m
Machine Weight 4000KGS 5000KGS 4000KGS 5000KGS

Electric Configuration

PLC Mitsubishi
Touch Screen Mitsubishi
Proximity Sensor Autonics
Sealing Cylinder Airtac
Clamping Cylinder SMC
Rotary Cylinder SMC
Transfer Motor Xinjie
Preform Feeding Motor Xinjie
High Pressure Valves Parker
Low Pressure Valves Festo
Magnetic Sensor Airtac
Contactor Schneider

Machine Introduction&Features

This large bottle servo automatic blow molding machine is its ability to produce large bottles of varying shapes and sizes, up to a maximum of 20liters. This is made possible through its unique pitch-changing structure, which allows preforms to be closely arranged during the heating process and then expanded when entering the blow mold. This design not only saves energy but also reduces the size of the machine and shortens the oven length.

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The process starts by melting plastic resin and then injecting it into a mold. Once the plastic has cooled and solidified, a hollow tube called a parison is formed. The parison is then clamped into a mold and air is blown into it, causing it to expand and take on the shape of the mold.

There are several types of blow molding machines, including extrusion blow molding machines, injection blow molding machines, and stretch blow molding machines.

Hiigh production efficiency, the ability to produce large quantities of products with consistent quality, and the ability to create complex shapes and designs.

It can work with the thermoplastic materials, including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PET, and others.

Yes,our engineer will provide free design for your checking before make the final quotation.

Lead time varies depending on the specific machine and production schedule, but typically takes 6-8 weeks.

Lead time varies depending on the specific machine and production schedule, but typically takes 6-8 weeks.

We accept a variety of payment methods, including wire transfer, credit card, and PayPal.

We offer online technical support and troubleshooting services for the lifetime of our machines, as well as parts and service support.

Yes, we provide free online training for machine operation and maintenance to ensure our customers can use and maintain machines effectively.

We offer a 1-year warranty for all of our machines, with additional warranties available upon request.

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