Chongqing Evergrande Health Valley – Children’s Water Park

Guangzhou Haixing Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first domestic company focusing on children’s water park equipment engineering, integrating children’s theme play projects with Chinese characteristics

Evergrande Health Valley Children Water park

Design analysis


1: Combined with entertainment elements and themed views, it brings tourists an extraordinary entertainment experience.

2: The unique customer experience makes it easy for urbanites to find tranquility and leisure here

3: The design is flexible and can be designed according to different terrain types, and can be equipped with or without high-tech tidal devices according to customer requirements.

Evergrande Health Valley Children Water park-(2)


1: When swimming in the water, you must bring protective equipment, even if the adults think the water is not deep, but the children will choke on the water if they are not careful.

2: The water park is inseparable from taking pictures and eating, etc. It is best to buy a waterproof mobile phone bag in advance. As before, you must bring cash to buy lunch. Now it is really convenient to scan the code directly.

3: Bring your own clothes and bath products. We must rinse them after the tour. Some water parks will provide bath products, but it is better to bring your own.

Evergrande Health Valley Children Water park-(1)

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