Commercial Splash Pads: A comprehensive guide

Willing to get commercial splash pads installed at your water park? Well, this is indeed the place for you, as here we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about splash pad installations.

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The Concept of Commercial Splash Pads: An Overview

Commercial splash pads have become really popular nowadays in water park businesses. They are an alternative to pools and can offer a lot of fun and entertainment to the people at the water park. These splash pads have various safety features integrated to ensure that the kids can play in the water. They also reduce liability on your water park business. So, here we are going to talk to you about commercial splash pads. We will also highlight the benefits of splash pads.

These commercial splash pads are recreational areas with little or no standing water. These splash pads offer an extraordinary experience to kids and adults and provide provision for different types of water activities. The splash pads come with shock-absorbent flooring and allow people to play in the water for an extended span of time. These water park equipment pieces are a lot cheaper as compared to the swimming pool, and they also do not require frequent maintenance.

Why Choose Commercial Splash Pads: Advantages and Appeal

It is quite important to incorporate commercial splash pad equipment in a commercial location. These splash pads will help your water park business to grow considerably. You will also be able to increase your revenue within a short span of time:

Improved interactions: With a splash pad installed at your water park,  you can allow your guests to interact with each other in the water and have a fun experience. The kids can play games and blast water cannons at one another. It also allows for better interaction between the kids and the parents. In fact, the whole family can have fun in this commercial splash pad.

Enhanced versatility: Splash pads can be really versatile. They can be customized in different ways to suit the exact needs of the guests. They are also suitable for people of all age groups. So, it doesn’t matter what the average age group of the people visiting your park is. Everyone can have their fair share of fun.

 Energized environment: If you want to create a really energized environment in your water park, then a splash pad is the appropriate option for you. It is automatically going to generate a surge of energy in the minds of the people. Everyone will be really happy with everything that’s going around. This is also going to provide them with the desired fun and entertainment.

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Essential Equipment for Commercial Splash Pads

Commercial splash pad equipment includes all the small water equipment pieces that can be used in a splash pad. There are different kinds of equipment that can be used to offer guests an enhanced experience. Some of the popular choices of equipment include water spray equipment, water slides, paddling pools, and much more. These equipment pieces can be customized to suit the needs of the users.

The commercial splash pad equipment pieces are highly appealing and are also quite innovative. This makes them popular among both children and parents. The water canals are also very popular splash pad equipment. They are mostly shallow and are perfect for kids who are 3-8 years old. There are various other specialized equipment available as well that can enhance the fun for kids.

You can get all the splash pad equipment pieces from HiStarWaterPark. It is one of the most reliable destinations for commercial water park equipment. The equipment pieces are also extremely durable and will fulfil your exact business needs.

Key Factors to Consider While Planning for Your Commercial Splash Pad

There are quite a few things that you need to consider while getting the commercial splash pad equipment installed:

Assess the needs of the visitors: This is the first thing that you require to consider. It is really important for you to keep in mind the requirements of the guests in kind and then pick the right splash pad equipment for your water park. Different people have different likes and desires. So, it is important for you to go for such equipment pieces that are suitable for all categories of people. For that, you need to do your research on the likes and preferences of your probable guests and then choose the equipment pieces accordingly.

Consider the location and the layout: The next thing to decide on is the location and the layout. The location and layout have got a pivotal role to play in helping you determine the right splash pad equipment. Different locations call for different kinds of splash pad equipment. So, this is again something that you need to put into consideration. You should also make sure that the equipment pieces go well with the overall appearance of the water park.

Take the necessary safety measures: The next factor of consideration is safety. Safety should always be of top priority when getting water park equipment for your water park. Make sure that the commercial splash pads that you are getting for yourself are extremely safe and comply with industrial standards. This is going to offer you an enhanced dose of fun and you are also going to be really happy with every bit of the experience.

Consider the features: Splash pads come with a different range of features. So, this is again something that requires to be put into consideration. Make it a point to pick the right features for your water park equipment. This is going to offer you enhanced fun and entertainment. You are also going to be able to stand out among your competitors.

Take into account the aesthetic appeal: It is also quite important for you to consider the aesthetic appeal of the splash pads. When people see that your water park is a really attractive one, they are going to be more driven towards it. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that the water park is aesthetically appealing. This is indeed going to help you out in achieving your exact objective.

Step-by-step Installation Guide for Commercial Splash Pads

Here is a step-by-step guideline for commercial splash pad installation:

Choose the location wisely: First, you need to decide on the location where you would want to get commercial splash pads installed. It is really important for you to pick the right location for splash pad installation. Only then will you be able to offer the desired entertainment to the visitors? Carefully assess the location and then begin the installation process.

Pick your splash pad equipment: You need to be very careful about the equipment selection process. You can’t simply go for any equipment pieces for your water park. Instead, you need to go for those equipment pieces only that will align with the likes and desires of the visitors and will offer them an enhanced experience. You can also get commercial-grade splash pads from HiStarWaterPark at affordable prices.

Prepare the site: The next step would be to repair the site. Make sure that the site where you are about to get the commercial splash pad equipment installed is cleaned properly. Remove all kinds of dust and debris from the area. You should also ensure that the area is completely even. This will allow for better installation.

Install the equipment: Get the equipment installed carefully. Go through the user manual to ensure that the installation process is done to perfection. You may also hire a professional to get the water park equipment installed properly. Improper installation can lead to a lot of trouble for you. So, if you do not want such a thing to happen then it is necessary that you get the equipment pieces installed perfectly.

Install the safety features: The next step would be to get the safety features installed. All water park equipment pieces come with various safety features that need to be installed properly as well. This is going to give the visitors at the park a safe experience. You will also not have to worry about any kind of unforeseen event happening at the park.

Conduct proper testing: You should thoroughly test the water equipment and the water management system. Check for proper functionalities. Any problem detected should not be overlooked, and the necessary actions should be taken immediately. You must also schedule a final inspection to ensure that all the equipment pieces are in order. Only after the final inspection process should you allow the people to start using the equipment pieces.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks for a Long-lasting Splash Pad

Given below are a few maintenance tips and tricks that the water park owners should put into consideration:

Prepare a maintenance checklist: It is really important for you to prepare a maintenance checklist. This will help you to stay on top of your maintenance game. The checklist includes everything that needs to be done in order to ensure that the splash pads are in the best running condition. You can also take help from a professional in getting the splash pad maintenance checklist prepared.

Clean the splash pads regularly: The next step would be to clean the splash pads regularly. You may not find it necessary to give the splash pads a regular cleanup but this is not recommended at all. You must consider cleaning the splash pad at least once or twice a week. This will ensure that the water quality is maintained and the people at the park will also enjoy an enhanced experience.

Perform regular safety checks: Performing regular safety checks on the splash pads is again a part of the long-term maintenance goal. Make sure that all the safety features are working fine. This will help you to save the reputation of the water park. You will not have to worry about any kind of disastrous situation happening. Your visitors will also be able to remain completely safe while they are at the park.

Plan for upgrades: As your splash pad ages, consider planning for equipment upgrade. This will keep the water park in a highly functional state. The upgrade should be done based on how frequently the splash pads are used and the level of wear and tear. On average, you need to get the splash pads replaced once every two or three years.

Best Practices and Safety Guidelines for Operating Commercial Splash Pads

Here are some of the best practices and safety guidelines for operating commercial splash pads:

The installation should be done properly: You need to get the splash pads installed as per the safety standards and regulations. Try to install the safety features as well to prevent slips and falls. You should also ensure that the equipment pieces are installed at appropriate distances so that overcrowding does not occur.

Plan for strict supervision: You should assign trained staff to supervise the splash pads during the operational hours of the day. The trained staff should be well aware of how the splash pads need to be used. They should other also be able to respond to emergencies quickly in case any problem occurs.

Place age and height restrictions: You should pur age and height restrictions for certain features of the splash pads. This will again ensure safe usage and prevent chances of injuries. You can also specify the safety guidelines properly so that no trouble occurs.

Proper footwear and clothing are a must: The visitors must wear proper footwear and clothing only. This will prevent them from getting injured. Discourage the visitors from wearing loose clothing items as it is again going to add to the inconvenience.


And this is how you can get commercial splash pads installed at your water park. To know more about splash pad installations, get in touch with the experts at HiStarWaterPark, and they will offer you the necessary guidelines.

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