How Much Does it Cost To Build a Water Park

The cost of building a water park project is the most concerning issue for many investors. In terms of small and medium-sized water parks, the main costs include site fees, water play equipment manufacturing costs, civil construction costs, and operation costs. The following will explain one by one.


1: Site Fees

The site cost is a large proportion of the cost to build a water park. Plus civil construction costs and site fees can exceed one-half of the entire project cost.

2: Manufacturing Cost of Water Play Equipment

After determining the site, it is necessary to select and purchase suitable water play equipment and install them according to the design drawing. Different splash toys, water slides, and splash shacks have different prices, so the manufacturing cost of water play equipment varies greatly due to different project requirements. The manufacturing cost of water play equipment is mainly determined by materials, processing technology, and labor cost, and the specific cost needs to be estimated according to the rendering design. This cost is second only to the cost of civil engineering.


3: Civil Construction Costs

The water park has grown from scratch, and the cost of civil construction undoubtedly accounts for the largest proportion of investment. The cost of civil construction can usually reach 1/2 of the total investment, mainly including the cost of decoration, waterproof building, water supply system, and constant temperature system.

4: Operation and Management Costs

After the construction of the water park, it needs to be operated continuously, and the related expenses can be adjusted according to the operating needs. Operation and management fees mainly include handling fees, business license fees, water and electricity fees, labor costs, planning and operation fees, etc.

Above all is the analysis of the basic cost items generated by the construction of a small and medium-sized water park, and the specific data should be calculated according to the actual situation. If you want to obtain a professional and detailed cost analysis, please contact Histar. We are ready to provide you with professional plans about the cost to build a water park.

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