Commercial Pool Water Slides

Pool water slides are the most classic type of splash pad equipment in water parks, bringing unlimited fun to players. The colors and styles of swimming pool slides are rich and varied and can be customized according to different site characteristics and customer needs. The water flow reduces the sliding resistance, and people can feel the excitement and joy of sliding directly with their bodies or with the help of floating pads.

Histar can produce pool slides in various sizes, colors, and styles. And multiple water pool slides can share a platform. Large pool slides have higher heights, steeper slopes, and diverse ways of playing, which can create a more exciting water-sliding experience. The small and medium-sized parent-child combination pool slides for inground pools reduce the height and curves, enhance safety performance, and are more suitable for younger children and parent-child interaction. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, cramped or spacious, we can design and manufacture the perfect pool slide for you.

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Commercial Pool Slides

The commercial pool water slide appears in the water splash park equipment. In fact, it is very similar to the traditional landslide. It is a process of climbing to the top of the slide through the water splash shack platform or ladder and then enjoying the process of sliding down from the top. Water park slides, as one of the most popular equipment for children and adults, appear in many water parks, children’s parks, hotels, holiday villages, and other places, and the styles currently developed are also diverse and can meet the needs of children. Different groups of people have different play needs.