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How To Build a Water Park

Water parks are currently one of the most popular and profitable themed tourism projects. Generally speaking, the construction period of the water park is 6 to 18 months, the first or second year is the payback period, and the third year is turned into a profit-making period. If the water park has been in a state of loss continuously, it is probably related to its initial planning. Water parks can be divided into small and large water parks in terms of scale.


How Much Does It Cost To Build a Water Park

The cost of building a water park project is the most concerning issue for many investors. In terms of small and medium-sized water parks, the main costs include site fees, water play equipment manufacturing costs, civil construction costs, and operation costs. The following will explain one by one.

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How To Design a Water Park

If you want to build a long-term profitable water park, early design work is very important. From conceptual planning to project construction, the design work of the water park can be divided into the following 7 steps.

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Water Park Installation

In recent years, domestic and international investment in water play equipment has been very hot. Water play equipment is different from general machinery. There are many types of water play equipment and different assembly methods. According to the specifications, materials and design features of the splash pad equipment, a suitable installation method should be adopted. In general, the water park installation work includes the following three aspects.

The Ultimate Guide to Water Splash Park Maintenance

By going for regular maintenance activities for water splash parks, you can provide your guests with an enhanced experience. Your guests will also be able to enjoy the time they spend at the park. They will keep coming back for more fun and entertainment. So, let's have a detailed look at why it is so important for water park owners to schedule regular maintenance activities.