Commercial Water Splash Parks

A commercial water park refers to a playground with water slides, wave pools, drifting rivers, water splash parks, and other water leisure facilities with water as the main feature. Its rise has changed the form of water leisure and entertainment to a great extent and has become a new form of leisure and entertainment with a rapidly expanding industrial scale.

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Hotel, Holiday illages, Real Estate

The hotel has a water splash park where you can experience a different kind of hotel service. Although these private water parks are additional facilities, they are more attractive than hotels, bringing new profit growth points and passenger flow to hotel operations.


Theme Parks

The “theme” means “story”. The theme design is actually to “make up and tell stories” around the theme, and carry out the overall immersive design with the story as the background. If planning and design are “making up stories”, then planning and scheme design is “telling stories”. To measure the success of a project, excellent design is only one of the important components, but having an excellent design is definitely the beginning of a successful water park project, and having an attractive theme can add the icing on the cake of the water park