Shiqian Ancient Hot Spring Water Splash Park

Shiqian Ancient Hot Spring is located in Tangshan Town, Shiqian County. Compared with other popular tourist attractions, Shiqian Ancient Hot Spring is not very well-known. Although the number of hot spring tourists has reached a certain scale, the single market development mode has become the limitation of China’s hot spring tourism industry.

Facing the needs of upgrading and rejuvenating the ancient hot springs, Starfish incorporated the cultural elements of the Shiqian intangible cultural heritage Xinlao Maolong Lantern and Maolong Festival on the basis of the legends of cold dragons and fire dragons in ancient hot springs. The ancient hot springs are divided into five sections, parent-child beach-treasure dragon palace-water mist forest-like a swimming dragon-giant dragon hovering; empowering myths and legends to become the story tour clues of the scenic spot, making the whole scenic spot have the theme and vitality.

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