Water Splash Fountain

The splash fountain is a very classic type of spray pad equipment. The water gushing from the ground can increase the excitement of water play activities, and at the same time make players feel cool and relaxed in the hot summer. In the water spray pad park, the splash fountain not only has entertainment properties but also has a certain sense of art and aesthetic value to meet people’s spiritual needs. In many hotels, resorts, and communities, various splash fountains are combined with melodious music and diverse lighting to form a dynamic landscape with high artistic beauty and commercial value.

According to the specific needs, Histar can provide our business partners with customized design and manufacturing services for splash fountains. By adopting high-efficiency systems in water treatment, energy-saving control, and water quality monitoring, Histar will create a sustainable water park with technological content for you.

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The Fountain Splash Pad

High-quality water play products and water play area design are two necessary prerequisites for creating a successful water play project. The fountain splash pad is also a way of water play, but it is more delicate and integrated, and more compatible. Widely used in residential communities, commercial centers, landscape parks, resort hotels, etc., water play places, and because of the feedback of the fountain splash pad, these places can have differentiated properties that break through the same category, making them have higher commercial value.