Splashpads Jungle

Playing in splashpads jungle a like natural environment not only helps children make the most of their sensory abilities but also strengthens their immune systems and reduces stress and anxiety. When negative energy is diminished, children are able to learn and grow much better.

Splash Jungle is an immersive water park designed with a theme of the jungle. Histar’s designers imitate the ecological environment of the green jungle in terms of color and elements, make full use of the topographical features of the project site, and carry out reasonable planning for slides, fountains, and various splash pad equipment, in order to make the project functional, exciting and attractive. Splash Jungle’s delightful colors and unique structure can arouse children’s curiosity about the forest, which can drive them to explore, thus enhancing their imagination and knowledge of the real world.

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Splash Pad In Green

The jungle water splash pad equipment is integrated into the jungle-themed splash pad in green-style products. Young leaves climb the branches There are many fruits on the top of the tree, butterflies, dragonflies, and bees are playing around with each other, and the little frogs and ladybugs also come to add some vitality. Formed a quiet, verdant, beautiful, and colorful landscape