Splash Pad Equipment

In the age of the child economy, water splash parks and splash pad equipment have quickly become one of the most popular amenities in communities, malls, schools, resorts, and hotels. Water play parks provide a fun, safe and engaging space where children are free to embrace their beautiful childhood.

We regard “education for fun” as our core concept. Over the years, Histar has always attached importance to the combination of product design and the comprehensive psychological needs of children’s growth in learning and play. We have abstracted various things, like leaves, ducklings, sunflowers, and other cartoon images, into colorful and fun splash pad equipment, which makes children feel like they are in a fairy tale world and develop endless imagination. In the water play interaction, children can not only get relaxation and joy but also can inspire intelligence and harvest growth.

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Commercial Splash Pad Equipment

Commercial splash pad equipment is the general term for all kinds of small water spray equipment. There are many kinds of water play sketches that can be configured, usually consisting of water slides, water spray equipment, paddling pools, etc. Investors can flexibly combine and match according to needs. Not only the gameplay is diverse, but also the content is rich and beautiful, and the appearance design is innovative, which is very popular among children and parents. Generally, the water canals are relatively shallow, which is convenient for children aged 3-8 to play in, and there are many things to climb in the paddling pool Toys and equipment for climbing and playing in the water, such as buckets, slides, etc.