Playground With Splash Shack

Splash Shack is a comprehensive water play equipment with high interaction, which integrates various water toys, slides, and themed landscapes. Splash shacks have different sizes and designs of various styles. You can choose suitable splash pad equipment according to the scale and features of different projects, so as to create a unique water park. Splash Shack is the perfect entertainment for people of all ages to get recreation. Both adults and children can interact happily and forget all their troubles here.

The splash shacks produced by Histar have vivid colors and innovative designs, and there are Hawaiian style, Mayan style, jungle style, and other themes to choose from. There are all kinds of pouring buckets, slides, splash guns, and other splash pad equipment cleverly distributed in every corner of the splash shacks, which can bring infinite joy to the players. According to the needs of our customers, Histar can also customize splash shacks of various sizes and colors to create a dreamy water park full of high-tech elements.

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Interactive Splash Station

Interactive splash station and water play sketches, in the middle of the paddling pool, including water spray sunflowers, rainbow doors, water windmills, and other marine-style sketches, and small water toys suitable for children and families to play. This area is ideal for relaxing with the whole family and a playground for children.