1: Refined talent allocation.

The key to the investment and operation of water parks is not only to choose the equipment of the water park but also to have an efficient and meticulous operation management team is the most basic and important factor among the factors affecting the profit and loss of the project. Therefore, attracting talents, finding suitable management talents, and refining operations are the key to ensuring the operation of water parks.

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2: Refined market analysis.

Refined market analysis is an important means for water parks to obtain profits. For example, the second-phase construction project of Shanghai Maya Beach was selected entirely based on market research. A company is specially hired to do market research, and what kind of projects the market needs are completely implemented according to the market’s guidance.

3: Refined operating specifications.

The operation of safety regulations is related to the operation of the entire water park. Every behavior in the operation has certain norms and requirements, and every employee should abide by these norms, to make the basic operation of the water park more standardized. 

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4: Refined security management.

Safety is an eternal factor that cannot be ignored in water parks. Accidental injuries in water parks are much higher than in inland parks. There are a lot of scratches and bruises every day, and the managers should have a deep understanding. If tourists are hurt in the process of looking for joy, the experience is very poor. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a safety management system for the water park, establish a business philosophy that safety is greater than the sky, innovate safety management, and innovate safety management methods to make the management of the water park more stringent, standardized, and refined.

5: Water quality management

The foundation of water parks is water, and the safety of water bodies is related to the operation of water parks, and even more related to the physical and mental health of tourists. Therefore, we must improve water quality and ensure water quality safety. Shanghai has very strict requirements in this regard. It requires the establishment of a real-time dynamic water quality tracking system to publish the water quality status on the Internet in real-time. It is believed that it will be launched nationwide in the future. The supervision of water quality by the regulatory authorities is becoming more and more strict, so water park managers must pay attention to the safety of water quality so that tourists can play safely and at ease.

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