The Service Life Of Water Splash Park Equipment

This is what every investor will think about when choosing the facilities of the Water Park when investing in the Water Park. This delicacy depends on what brand of equipment customers purchase, different materials and different service life. Some customers purchase inflatable water recreation equipment. The service life of such equipment is shorter, generally about two years. Assuming that it is made of fiberglass, the service life is very long, generally about 10 years.

1: What is the application period of water park facilities?

1. Product material: different materials and different service life

2. Production quality: products from different manufacturers have different quality and service life;

3. Maintenance and servicing: proper maintenance and servicing will prolong the service life of water recreation equipment. If maintenance and servicing are not carried out, the service life is likely to be shorter.

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2: Can the water amusement equipment be used again after exceeding the application period?

We do not recommend re-application. It is better to update new equipment for three reasons:

1. The water amusement equipment is old, which will give people a bad impression. Many tourists may not be interested in playing when they see the old water amusement equipment;

2. The water amusement equipment that has exceeded its service life has potential safety hazards and is easy to be exposed to external conditions. In case of accidents, businesses will lose more;

3. The use of water recreation equipment beyond the service life is against the rules. If the inspection certificate of the municipal special equipment inspection center is not obtained, the reuse of water recreation equipment beyond the service life will result in four penalties.

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3: Why should water park facilities be updated in time?

From the perspective of safety, the water amusement of any water park will be affected by factors such as temperature, human activity, and duration in the application process. Any equipment has a certain period of application. The equipment that reaches the deadline or is seriously damaged will have serious safety problems. However, the main responsibility of the water park is to provide safety services. To ensure the safety of the equipment, It is necessary to update or introduce new equipment in time to replace old equipment.

From the perspective of market demand, the trend changes from time to time, and people’s needs will also change. They like to seek new things. Assuming that the amusement equipment is intact and there is no injection of new products, it will greatly affect the rate of tourists’ revisiting, thus affecting the progress of all the water upstream parks. Therefore, it is a matter of time before the modification is made. In order to meet the changing needs of everyone and create a more novel feeling, The renovation of water park facilities is one of the paths to achieve this goal.

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