Two Points Of Water Park Design

With the obvious improvement in people’s sense of entertainment and games, people’s yearning for playing with water is increasing in summer, which has led to the unprecedented prosperity of the water park market. However, good investment projects require investors to spend their minds to operate safely. Especially, the facilities of the water park are not only related to the existence of tourists playing unreasonably but also related to the promotion of tourists’ repeated consumption, Therefore, two points must be paid attention to in the overall planning of the park.


1: Establish theme style:

The theme clue and theme style of the water park are, as the name suggests, based on the theme style and the focus. The overall planning and design of the theme-style water park are based on the story background, or it is described by the relevant plot in the film, and the use of the film plot and the pleasant experience of the water amusement equipment is combined to make the water park have a mysterious and compelling theme style culture.

2: Scene layout:

The focus of scene production is to give visitors an experience of the story. Use landscape gardens to tell the story, and try to make every corner have a story or become a part of the story, to provide tourists with a vivid, interesting, and real experience in the constant changes of scene production.

The new project of the water park is indispensable. The theme style of the amusement project of the water park should be more experiential. The scene production of the water park has carried out the cultural industry packaging of the theme style plot, set up plot clues in different areas, combine the images of the theme style, and spread the sense of every visitor arriving at the park in an all-round way, which not only flexibly uses the theme style plot but also meets the entertainment needs.

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