Commercial Water Park Equipment

In the hot summer, players can obtain infinite coolness and relaxation from water parks. Even people who can’t swim are able to enjoy the fun of interactive water play there. Before commencing a water park project, it is necessary to make reasonable planning for the location, terrain, and size of the site to make it have good functionality. In addition, a successful water park project also needs to be equipped with high-quality water park equipment to ensure a safe and joyful play experience for tourists.

Histar has rich successful experience in the design and manufacture of water park equipment, thus can provide our partners with water park equipment with novel design, optimal quality, and nice price. The types of water park equipment we produce include large-scale equipment such as wave pools, drifting rivers, versatile splash shacks, and giant bowl slides, as well as small and medium-sized water parks equipment such as splash guns, pouring buckets, splash circles, and splash swings. If you have diverse needs, Histar can provide you with one-stop water park solutions, including customized design, manufacturing, installation, and operation of various water park equipment.

typhoon water slide

Typhoon Water Slide

spiral water slide

Spiral Water Slide

tube water slide

Tube Water Slide

big water slides

Big Water Slides

tall water slide

Tall Water Slide

cyclone water slide

Cyclone Water Slide

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Wave Pool

Wave pools are among the strangest man-made landscapes man-made, and these wave pool attractions are sanitized, and chlorinated. The beach is made of concrete, and waves arrive at the beach every few minutes. Compared with natural waves, the waves generated by the wave pool are more controllable, regardless of shape, frequency, and intensity can be set according to needs.

wave pool



Only need to build artificial surfing equipment, players can surf anytime and anywhere, the water level is not high, the spray stability is extremely high, and the overall environment design of indoor surfing protects players to the greatest extent, which is both exciting and safe. At present, many inland cities in China have successively built many indoor surfing halls.