Water Park Installation

In recent years, domestic and international investment in water play equipment has been very hot. Water play equipment is different from general machinery. There are many types of water play equipment and different assembly methods. According to the specifications, materials, and design features of the splash pad equipment, a suitable installation method should be adopted. In general, the water park installation work includes the following three aspects.


1. Qualification Inspection Before Formal Installation

Water play equipment equal to or higher than 2 meters belongs to special equipment, and its manufacturer must have the production qualification for such facilities and a special equipment installation and maintenance license to ensure that the quality of water park installation work can meet safety standards. In addition to inspecting relevant qualification certificates, field tests are also required, and normal business can only be carried out after passing both.

1: Business Planning of the Water Park

a) Market survey: investigate the market size and peer competition of the project, determine the market positioning, the reasonable investment amount and the investment ratio of each functional module.
b) Site selection and civil construction cost: the site cost and civil construction cost of the water park account for the largest proportion of the entire project investment, usually accounting for more than half of the total investment, of which the construction cost of the civil work part and the water play equipment cost ratio about 1.8:1.
c) Brand planning: according to the investment ideas and market positioning, determine the brand strategy and competitive strategy of the project. Create entertainment ideas from the perspective of target consumers and future marketing to form differentiated selling points.


2. Install According to the Guidelines

In the process of water park installation, the staff must assemble them one by one according to the instructions, and no details should be ignored. During the water park operation, the loosening of one screw may cause irreversible safety accidents, so the installer must ensure that every installation detail meets safety standards.

3. Regular Maintenance of Water Play Machinery

In addition to being extremely cautious in the water park installation work, the park must also conduct regular safety hazard investigations and maintenance for all water park equipment, and timely repairs should be made if there are any problems. In order to avoid various safety accidents, water park managers must keep abreast of the safety of machinery and equipment, and formulate countermeasures for possible situations that may occur during the application process.

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