Water Park Safety Management Brocade Bag

Nowadays, Water Upstream Park has become the favorite of investors and tourists. The Water Upstream Park is developing vigorously. In the operation and management of the Water Upstream Park, safety management is the top priority!

Facts have proved that safety is the basic lifeline of the water park. It is tiring to talk about management when leaving safety. Even though safety is so important, how can you ensure that your amusement park can be trusted so that visitors can play at ease? This involves all aspects of the entire development chain of the Water Upstream Park, from early scheme planning to precise positioning, design planning, and equipment selection; To the construction, as well as the later operation and management, it is necessary to consider safety.

The following are some small brochures for the safe operation of upstream water parks summarized from the practice of numerous upstream water parks for discussion by the industry— —


1: Plan planning, accurate positioning, based on the actual situation

The early scheme planning is precisely positioned to look up at the sky in a whimsical way. While imagining, it should also be down-to-earth, based on practical and safety considerations, and respect the existing technology and objective construction conditions. For example, in the scheme planning of Changsha Dawang Mountains and Rivers Upstream Paradise, there is a deep mine pit up to 40 or 50 meters deep because of the unique site. In planning the project, it is necessary to make an in-depth study on the aspects of tourism experience stimulation and safety products, including technology, site, human sensation, etc

The overall planning must combine the climate and terrain of the new project site to ensure that measures are taken according to time and the impact of natural conditions on equipment is comprehensively considered. At the same time, it is also necessary to measure the location, time, and space spacing of different facilities, and the organization of visitor function zoning to ensure that the overall planning is effective and orderly.

2: Quality assurance of facility procurement

The preferred quality of facilities is stable and reliable, and the quality is guaranteed. In the selection of amusement equipment for the Water Upstream Park, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the size of the park, theme style, market customer base, etc., and select appropriate equipment and facilities.

Water Park Safety Management Brocade Bag

3: Construction conforms to specifications

The construction of the Water Upstream Park must be based on the connection between the civil engineering party and the facility construction unit, so quality control in the construction stage is also very important, which must conform to the process specifications and construction standards.

4: Comprehensive and detailed opening plan

In the opening preparation, special attention should be paid to personnel training and the improvement of the work system. Strengthen the training of staff in the park and improve their safety awareness. Enhance the training of equipment operation and use specification, and regularly assess the post-knowledge and operation specification of employees

5: Operation and management safety first

In daily operation and management, any innovation-oriented and continuous improvement should be accompanied by timely and effective emergency plans. In addition, daily equipment maintenance and management shall be effectively implemented.

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