Interactive Water Play

Exploration is the instinct of human beings, especially for children who are growing up. Water is a toy given by nature. Due to its fluidity, water can bring children a very special sensory experience, so water play equipment is loved by most children. Interactive water play equipment activity helps develop children’s imagination and creativity and cultivates their concentration and mathematical thinking. Collective water play projects can improve children’s social communication and mutual assistance skills, which are beneficial to their growth.

Histar has rich experience in the design and manufacture of interactive water play equipment and can create an unprecedented water play experience with simple but unique shapes and bright colors. Histar’s interactive water play products are perfectly combined with ERP material and 304 stainless steel, which can not only ensure the safety of children but also improve the corrosion resistance of the equipment. The interactive water play equipment is made of cartoon characters such as whales, flowers, butterflies, giraffes, and so on, creating a dreamy play space for children.

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Interactive Water Play Equipment

Interactive Water Play Equipment is the most intuitive “stimulation feeling’Multi-functional play, shapes children’s happy and healthy mentality. The most powerful color combination to subvert the interactive water-playing experience. Multi-dimensional and multi-angle color matching ensures comfort, safety, and happiness during the ride. Parent-child interaction, so that children’s childhood is full of love.