Water Splash Park Introduces Unique Equipment To Create Differences

The continuous improvement of people’s living standards has promoted the development of cultural tourism in China. After more than 30 years of rapid development in China’s water park sales market, investors and operators are becoming more and more rational when seizing the opportunity to accelerate the rational layout.

A successful water park has its resource advantages, including IP packaging, activities, tourist services,water recreation facilities, catering and other service facilities, and its comprehensive tourist experience.

The most important is the water recreation facilities, which can produce an intuitive amusement experience for tourists. To a certain extent, it determines the flow of tourists, the return rate of tourists, and operating costs.

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1: Innovation of water amusement facilities.

Innovative water recreation facilities with originality are the key to the development of tourism and the generation of familiar customers. The real and independent innovation of water slide products is that it brings visitors a unique entertainment experience, which can not be copied by other similar slides, leaving an indelible impression on visitors.

2: Quality and performance.

The quality of water recreation facilities cannot be compromised in terms of water body and performance requirements. The standardized water slide allows visitors to have a better experience. The slide rail can be controlled and controlled more safely. The application of durable FRP materials makes the operation more smooth and the maintenance cost is lower.

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3: Investment income.

The cost of designing and purchasing water slides only accounts for about 20% of the total investment of the new park. In the long run, these water slides integrate industry-leading innovation, technology, and high-quality water amusement facilities, and can generate 70% – 80% of the park’s operating income.

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